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We love the beauty of Ethiopian opals, emeralds and sapphires. These amazing gems captivated our Ethiopian born and raised founder of AddisSea Gems who launched the company three years ago bringing Welo Opals and other gemstones of Ethiopia into Seattle. From our home base here in the Emerald City, sales of top quality gems to clients around the world began and is growing. We attend many gems shows around the country to show, educate and work one and one with clients interested in the amazing beauty of Welo Opals.

Quality is Key


Our polished opal gem stones are hand crafted by local experts in our gem cutting shop in Addis Ethiopia under the supervision of the Founders brother, and shipped along with selected rough to our Seattle location. We travel several times a year back home to inspect and select the opals that are presented at shows and on our web stores. We believe that the Welo opals represent an opportunity to invest in one of the rare and amazing gems recently discovered in Ethiopia. These opals along with other precious gems of the region are the core of our business and we want to put these intense gems into your jewelry collection and into custom settings such as earrings, necklaces, rings and unique settings.

Our Promise


Welo Opals are unique as they are hydrophane opals, meaning they adsorb and then release water without damage, crazing or loss of their internal fire. You can get them wet, and if the fire dims, just wait a few days or a week and it will return. Welo opals are the only opals that can survive the GIA 4 foot drop test onto a concrete floor without breaking. This adds to their value when placed in settings over other softer opals. Black Ethiopian opals really do exist and are very rare. When we offer these for sale, grab them quickly and enjoy their beauty.  Please enjoy our web site, Facebook and other locations where our gems are offered for sale. We look forward to bringing the flash and fire of the Welo opals into your home.

AddisSea Gems specializes in the Welo opals and rather than re-writing the many bits of information about this amazing gemstone, we have provided three links to web sites where you can read detailed information about these gems. We love to respond to any questions, so please read, research and purchase the opal you desire. Links to good discussions about Welo Opals:

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